Argumentative Essay: The Internet Is Changing The Brain

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Internet is developing day to day. Internet and networks are binding us in new ways. As Rheingold argues, “There is a huge social issue at work in digital literacy, one that goes beyond personal authority. Every intercourse creates new association in a child’s brain, every email, tweet, search, or post is contributing and nourishing connections in our global brain, changing the shape of the Internet that we billions of people are progressing together. Young child brain or an internet brain both are always trying to make connections. Internet is changing our lifestyle which includes work, producing and consuming. The creative potential release by digital technologies is also boosting questions about rules and ethics, as well as social benefits …show more content…

The strength of this article is that it is informative and brief. However the weakness of this article is that it’s mostly opinion based. My third article is “how is internet changing the way you think”. It’s based on different views of people about how the internet is changing the way we think. The strength of this article is that it’s very much brief. We can’t get bore while reading it. While its weakness is that it’s not much informative like it should be. My forth article is “59% of young people say the internet is shaping who they are”. It explains about the views of young people about internet. The strength of my article is that its informative and overall good article. It is mostly fact based article. However this article also had weakness that is that it’s too lengthy to read. My last article is “how technology is changing language and the way we think about the world”. It explains about how technology is changing language and the way we think about the world. Its strength is that it’s informative and beneficial for my given research question. Its weakness is that it’s too

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