Wall-E: The Role Of Technology In Our Society

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Technology comes in many forms. It ranges from the motorcar, which aids us in travelling, to the internet, which connects people around the globe together. Unfortunately for us, technology plays the role of a two-faced villain in our lives. As shown in the animated film Wall-E, overdependence on technology causes the human race to deteriorate into a flabby mass of pea-brained idiots, neither able to stand on their own feet nor able to save their own planet. [3] By showing in the ending credits humans — who are standing up — and robots working alongside each other to renew the Earth, the screenwriter advocates that technology, when properly used, can help humans cultivate their true nature. [3] Our dependence on technology has definitely caused …show more content…

This need for technology reduces the quality and productivity of our work. Many people reliant on this technology are constantly multitasking. You can be listening to Kanye West’s latest album, chatting with your friends on Facebook, and looking at cute cat pictures on Reddit while working on a 20-page report. It’s a wonder why your mark is above 50 percent. Similarly, the need to take in all this information at once has decreased our productivity. Instead of working diligently on the task on hand, the student clicks on the newest link that pops up on his newsfeed. Technology has degraded the human race’s ability to ignore distractions, and consequently reduces quality and productivity of our work. Although technology does have its drawbacks, it enhances our skills so overwhelmingly that it is an understatement to call it just an improvement. Technology that has been purposefully developed to aid us in our education reflects this. One widely influential example would be the “Sesame Street Effect.” Many studies show that children from all sorts of backgrounds and capabilities who spent a lot of time watching Sesame Street actually improve in their school-readiness, literacy, scientific, and numeracy skills. …show more content…

Khan Academy uses the YouTube platform to help anybody take all the time they need to revise the high school curriculum and beyond. [5] Khan Academy has definitely increased the average human’s knowledge, which will lead to many more improvements to the quality of life we enjoy in the future. Do all these benefits of technology make you want to embrace your computer screen? In fact, even technologies created for the user’s enjoyment have led to some outcomes contrary to common sense. Many research papers document how playing action video games can improve our vision, attention, cognition, and motor control. Avid players have better visual short-term memory, superior top-down control of attention, greater flexibility in weighing different options and heightened attention to detail in a cluttered environment.[7][8] Because of these findings, hospitals use action games in rehabilitating patients with visual deficiencies. It turns out that laparoscopic surgeons who are avid gamers happen to be better surgeons in terms of speed and surgical executions. [6] In 2009, after studies indicated that some of their best drone pilots were often avid video gamers, the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force did away with requiring only trained pilots to control its unmanned drone flight missions.

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