Technology Lead To Dehumanization In The Movie 'WALL-E'

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Movie Review - WALL•E During the 21st century the world was governed by the company 'Buy n Large '. This lead to the Earth being covered in trash and humans leaving in ships while WALL-E units were left to clean the Earth. Years later, WALL-E is the only robot left. He has developed emotions over the years and spends his days compacting trash and finding stuff to add to his collection. One day, WALL-E stumbles upon a plant and adds it to his collection. Later that day, a spaceship lands leaving another robot, EVE, on Earth. WALL-E, having been lonely for so long, immediately falls in love with EVE, and she eventually warms up to him so WALL-E shows her the collection of stuff. However, when EVE sees the plant she stores it and shuts down. …show more content…

In the movie, technology portrayed as both a bane and a blessing for humanity. In a way, technology saved humans since if it wasn’t for technology they would have died on Earth instead of escaping to space and if it wasn’t for technology they would have never returned to Earth but if it wasn’t for technology humans would not have been put in that position in the first place. Technology in the movie has lead to dehumanization; even some of the robots, like WALL-E, have more emotions than humans. Technology has destroyed relationships; face-to-face communication has been completely lost and replaced with tablets. Humans have become oblivious to the things going on around them, they only see the advertisements in the ship and are not even aware of the human in the chair next to them. People aboard the Axiom have become completely dependent on technology. Robots now do all the labor so humans can sit in their hover-chairs all day and not be required to move. They are lazy and obese since the ship has the latest gadgets to make life easier including robots that can do everything for them. Humans are babied by robots, robots pick them up when they fall, clean up after them, change them, humans don’t even eat solid foods, everything they ingest is in drink

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