How Is Technology Ruining Our Lives

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Is technology ruining people's lives? I definitely believe it to be that way. Whether bit be for the better or for the worse, technology has greatly changed over the years. The technology has improved and is much better, faster, plus battery life is longer. But it also makes kids antisocial and they loose their best friends so they can gane more friends on facebook that they probably wouldn't talk to if they saw them in public.
One piece of technology I utilize is gaming consols, or more commonly known as video games. I play video games on my a Xbox-360, Play Station 1, Game Cube , and Nintindo-64. The good things about modern video games areplenty. They have better graphics than previously, consoles have way more storage than before, and controllers are now wireless, compared to being wired directly to the console. Also, the gamiong systems have greatly advanced by employing bigger maps, becoming functional to more varieties of games, and becoming more easily available to possible purchasers. The bad things about modern videogames are also great in number. Sometimes I find a really fun game that I become addicted to and I don't go outside to get fresh air, to exercise, and to make friends. Also, some people say when get …show more content…

Most new T.V.s have flat screens, are eco friendly, are high definition, and haveother cool features such as internet capability, channel surfing, and magnifying screens. Myy parents bought me a nice flat screen T.V.. They also pay for dish network. There is a lot more channels not than there was when my parents were my age. The screens have more pixels and are much brighter. The volume gets a great deal louder than it did on our old T.V. . On the downside, people tend to spend too much time indoors watching T.V. and not enough time outside, doing activities with their families such as playing ball, which prevents us from having stong interconnected entities that everyone used to take for

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