Attention Span In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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The Current State of Attention Span A book, “Fahrenheit 451” written in 1965 by Ray Bradbury is seen as a powerful message as to why society should value knowledge and not let censorship distract the world from it. The book also shares fears about how technology could override people's lives. How has technology affected attention span? Technology has had a major toll on the attention span of people. It has lowered the amount of time people are able to focus without distraction and created bad habits that also hurt the attention span of people.
Technology that has developed over the last century has affected people's attention span by having so many distractions available for people. “ ‘If we look at work in terms of switching projects, …show more content…

“Blood pressure rises. Heart rate speeds up. Psychological measures of stress also show negative outcomes, she said, such as more fatigue, more mistakes and less productivity: ‘The more people multitask, the more errors they make.’ ”(Mark). This piece of evidence shows that habits developed from screens are not beneficial. Multitasking has all negative effects on the human body and brain. It has affected attention span because the brain is not focusing on just one thing but then is constantly switching between whatever people are multitasking with. People also are less productive as a result of multitasking. When someone is less productive it means that they cannot focus for long periods of time. So while not only has technology been bad for attention span, it has also been bad for the everyday health of humans. A part of “Fahrenheit 451” that shows multitasking is, “Mildred watched the toast delivered to her plate. She had both ears plugged with electronic bees that were humming the hour away”(Bradbury 18). This quote shows how multitasking is a part of “Fahrenheit 451”. Mildred is making toast while listening to something. She is just living her life distracted with technology. While her brain jumps from one thing to the next. The fact that Mildred can’t even wait longer than 5 minutes for her toast to cook without distraction proves that technology has overrun her. Mildred also does support the idea that people who multitask are less productive because she doesn’t

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