Effects Of Technology In Fahrenheit 451

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According to Mental Health ” one in five American adults experienced a mental health issue.” Technology has affected our sleep and mental health, and in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 Mildred is a key example. Many have been deprived of sleep and peace of mind due to technology. Although technology has benefits, its effects alter our health and minds plenty. In Nakshine V.S article he informs us of a study saying, "In 2011, Espinoza and colleagues polled 268 young adolescents specifically about social media and discovered that 37% said they had trouble sleeping due to the use of social networking sites." Losing sleep may also contribute to mental health, studies saying that it could even worsen feelings of depression, anxiety, and even suicidal idealization. “Insufficient sleep affects nearly 35% of American adults, 25% of young children, and as many as 72% of high school students.” For the best health, both physically and mentally ,we need to prioritize sleep. One of the ways Eric mentions we can reduce screen time for more …show more content…

When we first meet Mildred, she is experiencing an overdose, when Montag finds her she still has her seashells embedded in her ears. "His wife stretched on the bed, uncovered and cold... And in her ears a little Seashells.."(Bradbury 10) She felt like there was so much to block out that she almost took her own life. She always had technology near her, wanting a fourth wall-TV, and even believing the people on TV are relatives. Mildred overdoses on sleeping pills, which she takes because she is unable to sleep without them. Mildred struggles with her sleep, in one instance Montag catches her awake sitting with the seashells in her ears. "Late at night he looked over at Mildred. She was awake." (Bradbury 39). Mildred had an addiction to both the pills and the technology she had access to. Mildred, described by Montag, did nothing. Shouldn't she have been

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