Essay On Technology's Effect On Society

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Technology’s Effect on Society The smartphone in almost every American teenager’s pocket is much more than just a piece of technology. It is a tool that is shaping the way American society functions. Technology is one aspect of our lives that is constantly changing and plays a role in every person’s life. The increase of technology in daily lives is one of the fastest changing contributors to American society and this increase is positively and negatively affecting the daily lives of people. In order to look at the positive and negative affects it is important to understand how technology usage had drastically increased. In the last 20 years it is easy to see how technology has changed and influenced almost all aspects of American society. Technology has increased exponentially in recent memory. People now walk around with smart …show more content…

It is easy to see how the obsession with the technological forms of entertainment can overwhelm people and prevent them from interacting with each other face to face. Things like Netflix, YouTube, Video Games, and Social Media can engross so much of people’s time and do not allow them to practice social skills such as picking up on social cues. Sharon Linde (2007) says in her article, “Social cues, which are subtle verbal or nonverbal actions that let you know what would be acceptable or unacceptable” (para. 8). These are obviously very important to how people interact with each other. Families spend less time with each other and more time locked away in their room on their devices. Parents often give their young children phones and tablets to keep them distracted and quite. This can lead to major problems the parents do not realize they are getting into. Attention spans of children have decreased because of the amount of video games played and children can often become addicted to their video

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