Addiction In Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

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Jekyll vs. Hyde Addiction can be seen as a point of obsession where one believes they cannot live without. A person that I know that has been through something like this is an old family friend. As he began high school, he was really shy and just wanted to fit in. Because he was so shy, he felt like he had to act a certain way in order to be friends with the rest of the kids in his grade. He would go to parties and drink and take so many pictures with all of his so called new friends. He did this every weekend now and once decided to share these pictures on Facebook just to show everyone how much fun he has with all of his classmates. Once senior year came rolling around, he became eligible for a full ride scholarship for baseball to his dream school since the seventh grade. However, it was all taken away from him in a blink of an eye because of one picture with him and his best friends holding a couple of beer bottles. Small things like this can harm a person at any moment, which is further described in one of Robert Louis Stevenson's many short stories. As …show more content…

Today, people all over the world feel like they have to act like someone they are not in order for them to be accepted by their peers. We all are guilty of repressing certain parts of ourselves because we are too afraid of how society will react and judge us for being our own person. As Stevenson has shown throughout his story, Dr Jekyll had been living this way his entire life. He repeatedly experiences all of these wants and desires but decides not act on them because of his worries of how he will be perceived by the community. Therefore, Stevenson conveys the message that it's easy for people to get into the bad habit of not being their selves to the extent where they could turn into an entirely different person that they will never be able to

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