Family Therapy Paper

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The family member that this learner was able to connect with is John. John is very close with Megan and he was able to shed some light upon Megan’s problem. This learner connects with John because when this learner was younger, my family had foster children. Foster children was a great experience in my life. There were many children that had some serious problems. This learner was very good friends with these foster children, and we became family with almost every foster child. This learner was John and this learner can connect with John
The family member that this learner was most reactive to is the dad. This learner finds that he was disconnected with the family. He did not know much about what the family is doing, he seems to be okay with not knowing the children. This was most irritating because parents really need to be in their child’s lives, in every part of their child’s lives at all stages in their lives. This learner wishes that her family could have more family in her life.
The therapist interacted with the family in a way that the family could learn more about their behaviors. This learner notices that the therapist allows the client to get to know about the …show more content…

The insight gained is how family need to use continuous communication in Structural Family Therapy in order for the family to benefit from this therapy (Nichols, 2000). In this article, enactments are used to help the clients interact with one another in order to observe their problematic behavior (Nichols, 2000). These enactments are used to promote a positive change in the family members, to try to change the problematic behavior (Nichols, 2000). It seems that enactments were encouraged to have the family members talk about their problematic behaviors to encourage change within the family (Nichols,

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