Comparison Of Healthcare Systems In Canada And The United States

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Healthcare systems provide their citizens the best healthcare money can cover. Countries use different styles to provide their citizens healthcare treatment. These styles vary by government run systems to private insurance coverage systems. The only part that is similar in both styles are the citizens of each county are provided healthcare. The largest difference is how the healthcare system are funded. A single-payer system has only one type of payment, this would be what Canada has in place. A multi-payer system has many different sources for payment for the medical treatment. The United States is considered to have a hybrid of these two systems. The different areas to compare these healthcare systems will be payment, wait times, eligibility, …show more content…

The similarities of doctors and hospitals in both countries operate in the same manner as both have private and government operated entities. The differences begin with how each country pays for their healthcare systems. In Canada, citizens are taxed and the government pays for the medical services. In the United States, both styles of payments are provided by government and citizens through insurance. Another difference is the wait time to have a procedure done, in Canada the wait time can be 4 times longer than in the United States. A major difference to each healthcare system is who is eligible for services, in Canada everyone is provided basic healthcare coverage and in the United States depending on your insurance coverage and/or wealth you may or may not be provide treatment. Finally, access and cost of healthcare vary dramatically from Canada to the United States. Canada restricts procedure due to the amount of money the government has to spend, whereas in the US as long as the money is available the healthcare treatment will be provided. Canada spends a little over $4,000 per citizen on healthcare while the United States spends over $8,500 per citizen (Stone, 2017). So, in Canada the wait and taxes could cause the citizen to not like their system and in the United States it would be the costs associated for the

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