Universal Healthcare Argument Analysis

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Healthcare is an important access we hold, but an issue is that not everyone can have that access to the healthcare they need. There are many arguments regarding the United States adopting a universal healthcare system. Although the universal system may reduce the quality of care the people receive, there are too many people not able to get any kind of care. Therefore a universal healthcare system would be more beneficial to the citizens of the United States than the limited access of care we have today. The first editorial is in favor of the universal healthcare system. The author supports the claim with statistical reasoning when presenting the argument. The editorial focuses more on facts, logic, and reasoning rather than emotions and opinions. …show more content…

The second editorial states that a universal healthcare system would be too expensive and decrease the quality of care the citizens would get. This author uses logic to support their argument. The author begins to talk about the Constitution to persuade people that the universal system is "unconstitutional." Although this editorial does include facts and logic, a lot of it is based on strong emotion. The first editorial presents reasonable statistics and includes a counterargument to help support the claim. The second editorial presents facts, but it is felt that the argument is more based on empirical evidence rather than statistical. The proper argumentative skills of the first editorial is a more convincing argument and reason for having a universal healthcare system. The first editorial truly convinces the reader to support the argument and advocate the cause for a universal healthcare system. As stated before, even though the universal system may decrease the quality of care, at least all citizens can receive equal care. Everyone's health is important, but unfortunately not everyone can receive the care they need. The statistical reasoning presented in the first editorial may convince someone of higher power to allow everyone to receive the healthcare they need and deserve. The universal healthcare system could save many people's lives. Isn't that why people become doctors? Why deny people care for their health? Overall the universal healthcare system would benefit the citizens of the United

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