Essay On Should Canada's Health Care System Move Towards Greater Privatization

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Should Canada’s health care system move towards greater privatization?
According to a survey which was conducted by the Canadian Urological Association, it showed the need for the entire healthcare policy to change in Canada. Privatization of the healthcare in Canada has been accelerated by the presence of new technologies and the proven challenges. These difficulties have forced the government of Canada to start thinking about the privatization of the Medicare sector. Thus the modern population across Canada need private health care policy as it is more effective as compared to the general or the public one.
In Canada, privatization of the healthcare sector started back in the times of Mike Harris. This is the season in which he embarked …show more content…

This has been caused by the increases which are premium for the employer-based plans within the government. According to studies, this has happened for a period of 10 years hence the need to privatize this sector brought into maximum attention by the Ontario Ministry of Health. Also, other factors which have made this to happen to include the presence of home problems, the problems of the significant service and many more. Making it easier for the healthcare sector in Canada to do much better while outside the government than when inside it. This was evidenced by the by the Canadian auditor general who aimed at making sure that the federal government spending rate is reduced and also helped in curbing the inflation rate in the whole of …show more content…

An example of this in Canada includes the Canadian Health and Care Mall. This is important to the residents of the entire country as it gives a discount in terms of offers to the customers as they agree. This makes them be in a position to achieve all that they need without straining and also give them enough bargaining power. This is a key factor which is pushing the Canadian government to privatize the healthcare sector. It is also important as it helps the government to focus on other sectors which need to be given priority like the education and infrastructure.
This option of making the healthcare sector private in Canada should be encouraged as it is only through doing so that patients have the power to choose a doctor or even move to the extent of asking for another one if he or she is not satisfied with the services which are provided by the former one. These services can only be available if the sector is privatized and it leads to quality work from the professionals hence the government of Canada should move on and make sure that it privatizes this sector without fail as it will lead to specialization and excellent

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