My Philosophy Of Nursing

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My philosophy of nursing is a statement I will stand by as a nursing student and as a graduate nurse and will continue to incorporate it into my daily care. In my eyes, nursing is the ability to provide safe, holistic care to all people regardless of their age, race, gender, social status, or sexuality. Nursing is a profession in which it is essential to be caring and respectful of all patients in which they may be experiencing the most difficult health situations of their lives and to provide culturally safe care. My values of nursing shape my practice as a nurse and are affected by my views on health. In my eyes, health is not solely related to medical illness and disease. I believe that health encompasses various aspects within all…show more content…
“Dignity is concerned with how people feel, think and behave in relation to the worth or value of themselves and others. To treat someone with dignity is to treat them as being of worth, in a way that is respectful of them as valued individuals” (The RCN Definition of Dignity, 2015). Throughout my clinical experiences, I have observed and accomplished providing dignity in all my patients including individuals during their final months of terminal cancer. I realized that preserving dignity is especially important during the final stages of life and throughout various chronic diseases as many patients view themselves as being worthless as they believe that their disease or condition is taking over their life. I believe that dignity is essential to be preserved in the most difficult times. Nonetheless, as nurses, we have to continue to respect, value, and provide compassion in aims in preserving dignity in those who are beginning to feel worthless and will continue to incorporate and help maintain dignity in all my…show more content…
It is a profession in which teamwork between healthcare providers is essential to provide safe and appropriate care to all patients. I believe that nursing is a profession for me, and will continue to expand my knowledge as a nurse by educating myself, growing from past nursing opportunities, applying knowledge, and learning from patients and their families. My vision is to continue to develop my knowledge and grow as a nurse. As I continue to grow and learn about nursing, I believe that my philosophy will evolve with every new experience and will positively impact the client population. I trust that my philosophy of nursing will have a positive impact on my clients as my goal is to consistently provide competent, safe nursing care to all which is culturally safe. As I enter my final semester of nursing, I look forward to new nursing opportunities and to apply my nursing philosophy with each new experience. My goal as a nurse is to grow and learn each day, knowing that each day will provide me with new knowledge making me a better nurse than the day before, and becoming a better nurse the following day than the previous day. Nursing is an exciting, fulfilling, and respected profession which I am very fortunate to be a part of and look forward to the journey
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