Public Assistance Case Study

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On 11/4/15 Ms. Brittany Terry and her daughter Lundyn met with CM for an ILP. CM introduce herself as the client temporary CM assigned to her case. Housing: Client 's exit strategy is to move by 2/18/16. Client must maintain employment and submit pay stubs weekly .Client is expected to comply with savings and have saved enough for one month 's rent and security by 12/18/16, Client is to seek for housing and obtain housing by 1/18/16.Client was reminded she must meet with her Housing Specialist Mr. Brown on a bi-weekly basis, comply with all housing requirements and explore all available housing options.
Social Service: Client must meet bi-weekly with Case Manager for ILP Review appointments. Client was reminded she must call in advance to reschedule her appointment if she is unable to attend. She is currently scheduled to meet every other Wednesday. …show more content…

Benefits: Currently client 's Public Assistance case is active. Client was reminded that she must maintain an active and open Public Assistance case while resides in the shelter systems.
Employment: Client reminded CM that she continues to work as a Home Health Aide at Personal Touch Home Care. Client is expected to maintain employment and provide her paystubs in a weekly basis.
Savings: Client was instructed to adhere to savings plan, she is expected to save at least 50% of her weekly income and submit proof. Client was also recommended to open a bank account and to submit her bank statement as a proof of income.
Medical: Client has no medical appointment to report at this present moment. Client reminded that she needs to submit her physical and to maintain active medical entitlements at all times.
Childcare: Client was reminded her daughter must attend Loyalty Daycare LLC located at 4226 3rd Ave., Bronx, NY 10457 and the telephone number is 718-294-0134.
Room Inspections: Client room continues clean, well maintained, and has no issues passing her room inspection. Client was reminded that she must a clean an uncluttered

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