Family PA Case Summary

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Ms. Jessica Rabb came to the SSO office for a meeting with HS De La Torre in order to develop a Housing Plan to explore different Housing options available for the family. Family stated that last permanent address was located at 676 East 141 St. Bronx, NY. Family left this address due to continuous argument with the owner of the house (cousin).
Family is currently residing at 1466 Grand Concourse Bronx, NY Unit 3C. Family composition consist of Jessica Rabb (self, ) Matthew Kennely (Domestic Partner, 23y); Jermaine I. Rabb (son, 2y). Ms. Rabb stated that no one will move in with the family if an apartment is offered to the family. Also, Ms. Rabb stated that she is not pregnant either anyone in the household is attending any special program. Furthermore, Ms. Rabb informed that Mr. Matthew Kennely has been convicted of a crime (no details about this matter), Mr. Kennely is not in parole. …show more content…

Rabb informed HS that Mr. Kennely is employed and earns about $575 a week. Ms. Rabb is currently taking care of child Jermaine. Ms. Rabb is not able to seek for employment at this moment due to childcare issues. Family PA case is pending at the moment, however family is eligible for Food Stamps for the amount of $179.
Ms. Rabb informed HS that she has a NYCHA application since 2014. Family is not eligible for CITYFEPS, they have not owned their own apartment. Family is not eligible for EOSD or COME HOME NYC due to low income in the family. Lack of income is one of the main barriers for the family to transition into permanent housing. Family may be eligible for LINC 1, HS requested updated last four pay stubs in order to inquire via CMFT for the LINC 1 program. Family expressed that any of the family members want to help them in this situation. Family does not want to move out of

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