Pruitt Health Interview

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I interviewed Mary at Pruitt Health in Aiken S.C. Mary is a license, Social worker.Mary been working in Pruitt Health sent 2005. Mary told me the history of the agency start of her location in 2007. Mary told me that their facility was once name Mattie C. Hall, but was bought by a young man named Neil Pruitt. Mary said "Neil Pruitt inherits the companies by his father making him the youngest man to own many nursing facilities." Pruitt Health companies have been around for 45 years.Pruitt Health has grown to encompass more than 90 post-acute, skilled nursing assists living locations, and many array of supplementary resources, including home health care, and end- of life care, rehabilitation, veteran care, and consultative pharmaceutical services. …show more content…

Mary said " the facility also been getting more rehab client inpatient and outpatient." Mary made a comment about the client has become more demanding in the last few years. Mary said " when the client becomes demanding it can cause problems between the nursing department." In the book Introduction to Human Services by Marianne Woodside and Tricia McClam reported " the delivery of human services involves both the client and the helper. The Process of helping is client oriented as the helper focuses on assisting clients to meet their needs." Mary say " as a Human Services Worker she has to address if a client report the nursing department not meeting all the clients needs ." Mary said at time a clients could call a nurse in their room every five to ten minutes, but report neglect on the nursing department for not answer their call light. When problem like this occurs Mary said "she has to do a care plan to address the problem and come up with a solution." Mary say they have to also investigate the nursing department also to make sure no neglect has occurred. May also report in the facility once clients come to the facility they have more client leaving before been release by the

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