Essay On Mandated Reporter Training

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I completed the mandated reporter training for the state of Virginia. Being a mandated reporter means knowing what needs to be reported and how to identify signs or key phrases to look out for. The online training goes over different types of child abuse and neglect and provides information to become aware of signs pertaining to abuse or neglect. A mandated reporter would be required to report to Child Protective Services (CPS) and potentially the police, any suspicions that child abuse may have occurred or may be occurring. “All 50 states have statutes making it mandatory for professionals to report suspected or known child abuse” (Hepworth, 2013). Mandated reporters who fail to report within 24 hours can be fined. Anyone in the state of Virginia can report cases of abuse however, there are several professions where reporting is more frequent; According to the mandated reporter training, the most highly reporting profession is school staff. In the state of Virginia, social service workers make up a little less than 4% of all the abuse reports that are made to …show more content…

In order to best keep integrity within the relationship, a worker must inform the client in the beginning of the relationship, what the worker’s responsibility is regarding reporting requirements. A social worker may also be working with a child who shows concerning signs of abuse or neglect; the worker needs to be able to react and respond in a way that will not further upset the child or make them feel as though they are in trouble for sharing. Understanding the role of a mandated reporter is crucial as a social worker. Social workers build relationships with clients through frequent meetings, some which may be at the client’s home. Because of this, social workers have the opportunity to observe and identify causes and concerns of abuse which often start in the

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