Riverside Pediatric Associates Case

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“Riverside Pediatric Associates” Case Study Week 15 Questions and Answers Kellie R. Fowler Terra State Community College “Riverside Pediatric Associates” Case Study Week 15 Question and Answers Question 1. Assume you are Sanchez or Hudson and plan to implement immediate organizational change within the practice. Where would you start? What steps would you take? Daft, R. L. (2014). Answer: Sanchez is heading in the right direction on writing out a list of target items that need to change in the practice. If I were either of these doctors I would listen to what the accountant had to say. She claims that there were three immediate problems that needed to be addressed right way. Those items she mentioned is the financial end of the business. …show more content…

They should make sure they can start cross training the employees that they do have. Perhaps even to do an efficiency study as to the office activities to see where improvements can be made. This will help with the collection of delinquent accounts and reimbursement of insurance payouts. As physicians, Sanchez and Hudson should not have to even worry about the office details. That should be left up to the office manager if they have one. If they do not they should evaluate the current staffing to see if more skill sets are needed to manage this busy practice. Question 2. The accountant recommended that Sanchez and Hudson consider using AI to facilitate positive change within the practice. How would you implement the four steps of AI? Be specific. What kinds of things would you expect to arise during the Discover and Dream steps of AI? Daft, R. L. …show more content…

Along with the accountant and other key staff members they should be able to resolve the business end aspect and go back to being physicians in their practice. As leaders, they will have to foster a commitment to the team to accept the changes. This is what will cultivate a work environment that will continually improve through initiative and innovation. These doctors must enable their workforce to be empowered and help to move the practice in a forward positive direction. Being innovative requires a leader to toss out the old rules of thought and form innovative ideas or thoughts. Without strong communications, this team may not find their balance. It is important to collaborate and build this trust among the office members. The doctors can’t effectively lead change without the understanding of the staff to make the necessary

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