The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Person-In-Environment Concepts

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Introduction This paper outlines the person-in-environment’s concepts and the advantages of this approach. In the following part, I will also share the experiences that how the concept affected me when I was facing any life challenge and how it influences me in coping the problems. The Understanding of Person-In-Environment’s Concepts After learning about the person-in-environment’s concepts, it is believed that these concepts can be applied across social work practice and guide the social workers seek to recognize the interaction between the clients and the environment. In person-in-environment perspective, the concept of person describes service users' developmental and functioning abilities in the society, which based on the environmental…show more content…
Firstly, about its integrated features, it combined the strengths of various theories which describe human behavior helpfully. Secondly, the concepts of person-in-environment introduce the behaviors of individuals interconnect with families, organizations, local communities and so on. This feature making this approach a diverse perspective to support general social work practice. Lastly, as Miley, K.K., O'Melia, M.W. & DuBois, B mentioned, “the concepts focuses on how people and their environments fit clearly, rather than forcing workers to place blame on either one for problems that arise”. It is resonated and also kind of similar the basic value in social work, such as acceptance and objectivity in the social work code of…show more content…
When difficulty occurs, I am more likely to form the judgment on myself. Always ask me a host of questions of “why”. The latest example of my life challenge is when my father last entered the hospital, he suffered a lot of the unbearable pain and I could not do anything for him. I could only stay with him near the bedside. Every night, I could barely sleep. About my schoolwork, since I need to go back to school every day and hospital visiting time policy, I did have enough time to talk with father. Another thing is the financial problem of my family, as my father and mother are unable to work, I have no choice but try to work in order to support my family. Until now, I complain myself every minute every second of the day. Why did I not take care my father around the clock? Why did I not let my father enjoy being loved by myself when he is alive? These self-blaming makes me think that I am the most incompetent daughter in the whole

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