Social Work Rhetorical Analysis

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As an American, and a human service professional, my primary job is to address the hypocrisy and moral corruption and confliction of those individuals and systems who solely convey America’s constitutional banner, but neglects its moral practicality. Americans think that by making everyone equal, constitutively and legislatively, we would effortlessly develop a moral society. Morality assumes that people have advantages over others such physical wellness, as skin-pigmentation, sexual identification, autonomy from mental illness and it dictates that we do not take advantage of those who are disadvantaged. Systems and society at large should not use our differences to justify the unjustifiable: inhumanly treatment and exclusion of other humans. …show more content…

If the goal is to create a society in which marginalized groups are equal citizens, then Social Work has an obligation to demand a moral-system that resonates with that objective. There must be a communal (collective) account of injustice, unfairness or oppression for any government-enforced redistribution or effort for reform to be rendered equally or indiscriminately. Without an emphasis on interdependence, a caring society, empathy, and intersectionality, Social Work’s assistance or governmental interventions in people of colors’ communities cannot truly be anti-oppressive, but rather temporary solutions to intergenerational inequality, crises, disparities and social

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