Causes Of Racism In Mississippi

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In the 1960s, Mississippi was the poorest state in the nation. Mississippi is steeped in African-American history. Unfortunately, a lot of that history is considered some of the darkest times in American history. Society was strictly segregated along racial lines; black and white.
Racism has been a long part of human history. Although slavery had ended 100 years earlier, African Americans in Mississippi had been kept in subjugation for decades through a system known as “Jim Crow.” And the social, political, and economic right of blacks were suppressed through violence and other forms of intimidation. Racism seems like an inseparable part of the history of human beings and it has been portrayed as one of the serious problems in every social
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It is a mistake to treat other people differently just because they are physically different. The presence of racism and segregation in Mississippi and in the other southern states of America has its roots in slavery, which was brought to Mississippi via colonialism. The blacks were used and owned by the whites for running their plantations; therefore it was crucial for the white population to maintain slavery for their protection and economy. Most Black Mississippians had less than a sixth-grade education and worked at menial jobs, such as field hands or maids. More than 90 percent of African Americans were barred from voting in local, state or national elections, even in places where African Americans constituted a majority of the residents.
White supremacist politicians, police, and business leaders worked together to keep African Americans “in their place.” Black Mississippians who challenged the system were arrested and jailed, punished by white employers, or attacked by terrorist groups like the Ku Klux Klan. Some were even killed for trying to vote or improve their lives. Whites controlled not only behavior, but employment, housing, social services, education, and the legal system. Whites held the power to alter the tone and form of racial etiquette, and blacks had to adjust
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Stockett studied creative writing and English for her undergraduate course from the University of Alabama. Then she moved to New York in order to pursue work in the publishing business. For about nine years she offered her services in marketing and publishing of magazine there and later relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. She shifted her interest to literary writing as she moved back to South. After five years of hard work on her personal writing project she finally had The Help published in 2009. It became one of the most popular books of the summer season.
The Help draws special attention to the relationship between whites and their African-American domestic help in South. At first, Stockett was unwilling to write about this relationship as she knew it would be heavily criticized by both reviewers and general readers. It has been favored by the critics as a highly readable and accurate depiction of life in Jackson, Mississippi during the early civil rights

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