Simpson Assault Police Summary

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In this article, My turn: You don’t get to assault police officers, opinionated from Chief Steve Strachan of the Bremerton Police Department and Kitsap County Sheriff Gary Simpson, both provided insightful thoughts from an officer’s point-of-view. Chief Strachan and Sheriff Simpson addressed the truth be told from under the veil of negativity aimed at police officers. Hence, this article can be looked upon both negatively and positively, provided a Chief and Sheriff’s opinion of the current negativity portrayed upon officers. Subsequently, quoted from the article, “first, we all need to be more aware of the underlying ‘spin’ in messages and headlines about so-called ‘police violence’ and second, we absolutely have to focus on the fact that it is not acceptable, ever, to attack or assault police officers.” When talking about the ongoing controversy and public debate on the outlook of police and community relationship a message or headline or even a video that is posted online involving an officer and an individual is going to be overflowed with every opinionated, negativity there is to say about how unprofessional the officer …show more content…

Similarly, the educational aspect portrayed in the article, and an interesting repetition, “You don’t get to assault police officers.” Nonetheless, explained in the article assaulting an officer won’t do any great deeds; instead, it does you more harm. Hence, there is provided due process and access to the court, if one finds the wrongdoings of the officer(s)

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