The Pros And Cons Of Police Training

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This training should incorporate culture, diversity, mental illness training, youth development, bias and racism”(Z. Cheney-Rice). The police needs to be trained more in other areas where they can develop a true connection with the community. Cops are more trained in other areas where they are taught to use and a handle the correct way, but when it is all set and done it is important that on top of this training they more training in which they can solve problems in better ways. This is like dealing with a rude customer, the worker is trained so that they handle the situation in the calmest and best way possible and the cops should get more time of this type of training in order to get the best results. This will then further on lead to less excessive force being …show more content…

Now, 28 law-enforcement agencies, including police departments in New York, Seattle, Las Vegas, Memphis and San Francisco, have requested program materials and inquired about the training”(A. Novotney). We see that there are positives when it comes to training the police. This police training began because of one major reason and that reason was that in 2005 police misconduct had reached an all time high in New Orleans. There were a lot of high profile beatings and unjustified shootings by the police. This lead on to the police being trained so that there would be less violence used against civilians and so that there would be less chaos in the community. This clearly worked as the city has already seen some positive effects as there was less complaints against police officers after their training. This is great example of what can happen if this type of training was to happen in more

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