Miranda Rights Violations

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The rules that officers must do to arrest a suspect are designed to protect their physical safety and also to avoid making a legal mistake that can lead to ruining the prosecution 's trial case. During the time of the arrest the cops are to read out the suspects Miranda rights. The Miranda rights were done in the U.S. supreme court ruling Miranda v. Arizona which set the rights to remain silent, and anything that you say can be used against you in a court of law etc (Miranda rights). Police Officers violate people 's rights by unreasonable searches through their houses or pulling them over. In a matter of fact, they have to have a reason why they stopped you and need a warrant issued for searching you. The fourth amendment in the U.S. Constitution …show more content…

This leads to police violence that has happened throughout the year, causing people to do protest that want justice for the deaths of the ones that were killed in the hands of a police therefore they organize protests. Americans tend to believe that people who are affected of police violence is because they resist and make it harder on them. “43 percent of voters have a positive view of BLM, while more than half of voters some 57 percent have an “unfavorable view” of the organization.”(Williams para 4).This shows that When it comes to the topic of police brutality or even people doing protests most people will argue that what is a protest going to help or also say its just causing people to do crazy things in the street but really they are just trying to get justice and for cops to do the time in jail and pay for what they did. It has become common today about the black lives matter movement which has impacted the national movement against police brutality and the killings they 've done. Those who are unfamiliar with Black Lives Matter, it started in 2012 by civil rights activist groups this movement followed upon the death of 17 years old Trayvon Martin an unarmed teenager that was walking home from a store and was eating a bag of skittles and shot by George Zimmerman who was at that time supervising inside of his car patrolling the …show more content…

This explains to us that they open fire because they are afraid of being targeted and not being able to catch the person in time also don’t want the suspect to kill them. While it is true that they need to be able to do something and use force to catch the suspect it necessarily shouldn’t be deadly force. Furthermore the violence of police brutality can be improved through the training of police officers to be required for them to attend a class that re-teaches them how to perform equitable procedures and other situations and also should do a background check and attend to a court hearing with a judge explaining the consequences . Yet should be taught how to train with tasers, pepper spray, etc training with those weapons can prevent from deadly situations. But some will disagree with the fact that tasers can also kill someone in certain circumstances like people that have heart problems or medical

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