Tampa Police Department: Training Requirements For The TPD

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The Tampa Police Department (TPD) provides public safety services and crime prevention for the city of Tampa, Florida. 1855 is when the first law enforcement position City Marshall was created by an act to incorporate the city of Tampa and in 1886, the first police force was created. The TPD has a Criminal Investigations Division, Special Operations Division, Support Services Division, and the Patrol District 1, 2, and 3 Operations. The mission of the Tampa Police Department is to reduce crime and enhance the quality of life through a cooperative partnership with all citizens. The Criminal Investigations Division oversees all long term, latent investigations that allow the uniformed patrol officers to focus on day-to-day operations. The two …show more content…

Once hired as an active officer, the individual must complete 40 hours of in-service, advanced, specialized, or career development training every 4 years including retraining in use of force and firearms qualification. The promotional opportunities and assignments for the TPD are a permanent elevation in rank from Police Officer to Detective/Corporal or Police Detective/Corporal to Police Sergeant, or Police Officer to Police Flight Officer, etc. For assignments, the position of School Resource Officer, Chief Pilot, Flight Supervisor and any acting position is deemed to be assignments and the assignments to or transfer from such position goes directly to the Chief of Police. One area of the TPD that got my attention was the Police Athletic League (PAL). This was organized as a crime prevention enterprise dealing with juvenile crime and violence through education, academically, and athletically based around sports resources. PAL services more than 4,000 young people from the community who may not be able to participate in after school programs or other activities. Their services include daily after school care and pick up from elementary schools and a variety of sporting programs. They also have a supervised summer care program targeting at-risk inner-city children. This shows the public that the TPD is trying to make a difference and help the young kids that are struggling in the

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