Essay On Police Officer Shooting

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There are many policemen out there right now on the streets doing their job. Either by sweeping around a neighborhood to keep a lookout for suspicious activity or pulling over drunk drivers who’re endangering others. Not all policemen are the same though, many are six feet tall and weigh around two hundred pounds of muscle, and there’re many shorter ones around five feet tall. They not only are all different physically but mentally also. Many officers out there know the rules, regulations, codified laws and do what they’re supposed to do, not what they want to do because of their own intentions. There have been many cases recently involving a police officer shooting a person without a serious reason and many of these times the officers are being released. The officer shooting of a person without the real intent and without a real threat logically means that there is…show more content…
Without any intent to warn the kid, and without any mercy, he shot point blank and immediately killed the boy. Being a police officer you have to show some warning before you shoot. We may understand that in other situations you are forced to shoot because you may be endangered or your life may be threatened, but in this situation with Rice, the officer did not show any warning or mercy whatsoever. He got there, he got out his car, and shot. According to a CNN article Cleveland: 12-year-old's police shooting death his own fault by Eliott C. McLaughlin, officer Loehmann was with another man and with both of them in the car, one reacted while the other watched. Being partners especially in a life or death situation you have to be on your toes at all times. In that situation, it could’ve easily been handled knowing there were two brains and not just one. The other officer could’ve told Loehmann to calm down and to assess the situation first, but no mercy was shown through
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