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This memorandum is submitted as my application for Position Vacancy Announcement 18-12, Police Sergeant, Criminal Investigations Supervisor, Homicide Section Major Crimes Division. As a 20-year police officer with an extensive investigative background, it is my desire to return to criminal investigation. The challenges, complexities, and my passion for investigations are what has led me to apply for this position.
My law enforcement career began in 1997 I was offered a Police Officer Candidate position with the Montgomery County Department of Police, and on September 29, 1997, I began my career as a police officer; graduating fourth in a class of over fifty officers (Session XXXIII). After graduation from the academy, I was assigned to the
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I was able to be involved in wide variety of cases ranging from self-initiated drug cases, fugitive apprehension, to assisting numerous investigative units with a wide variety of felony investigations. I brought an extensive investigative background to the unit that enabled members of the team to take their investigations further than they may have done so previously. I lead operations in the sergeant's absence and supervised the coordination of a number of lengthy and detailed surveillance operations, fugitive apprehensions, and drug arrests, as well as the preparations and execution of numerous search…show more content…
This shift had experienced a great deal of instability, having gone through a number sergeants in a short period of time. I believe that I have brought some much-needed stability and consistency to a team filled with such young officers. I have been able to lead and mentor some of the younger members through a number of quality follow-up investigations. This has included assisting them with the authoring and review of numerous search warrants for cases ranging from theft, assault, drug offenses, and prostitution. It has been one of my goals to lend my experience in a way that is able to facilitate younger officers gaining experience that they may have never had at such an early point in their

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