Police Tactics

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In my research paper my topic is about the brutality of police tactics, and how they plan on improving these to make their attempts at arresting less forceful. “Are we becoming a police state?” This question is asked by many Americans today, Why? Because there are so many deaths by police that many feel like they are superior to laws, and often times the criminal offences they cause are overlooked. The fact that it’s only few cops that do this, they all get the bad reputation. This is backed up by: Paragraph 2 of Targeting U.S. citizens for killing. Where CIA counsel Stephen Preston and Pentagon Counsel Jeh Johnson said. “American citizens are legitimate targets for killing when they take up arms against the U.S. government.
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“People project their own worldviews of others and assume they do what they do, Lie. Meaning liars always assume others are liars..” With this being stated, when others assume that the police are liars they themselves are liars?? Now this is just an opinion, but it shows how some Americans justify how others view the police. This doesn’t touch on the fact that police tactics are still brutal even if they aren’t liars. So “Addressing police misconduct” from source #3, I’ve found that the law enforcement officers, perform very difficult jobs, with respect for their communities and in compliance with the law. But with all the incidents this is often in …show more content…

But even though so many view police as just liars and racist pigs, When asked. “Would you approve of your child participating in the law career?” Many said Yes 59-12%, despite how ironic this is. Many parents think that their child would make a difference in the system. But if you think about this the racist image of the police is strongly influenced by politics. A majority of democrats (53%) believe the police unfairly target minorities. Only 19% of republicans agree, but I mean are you suprised. When it comes down to the statistics, many americans misinterpret the questions asked. “I don’t think these are good questions”. Stated Deere Club 1977, when he took the survey. He believed that many might have misunderstood the meaning of certain words, or the question itself was just worded completely wrong to get an truly honest answer. Also about 53% of americans believe and trust their cops. It 's higher in older people 67% of them and 70% in Republicans. Statistics are showing how many citizens believe that cops will lie to protect their own interest, 31% of Americans to be exact and the number rises 45% among African Americans, 41 among young people and 31 in

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