The Case Of Patty Hearst

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In the case of Patty Hearst also known as Patricia Hearst was a victim of a crime from a kidnapping tragedy. She was a 19-year-old female who were born into a wealthy and well-known family in Los Angeles, California. Patty grew up with four other siblings and attended a catholic school. Her parents Randolph and Catherine Hearst were strict on their daughters, which caused Patty to detach herself from them. As she aged, Patty decided to attend a public school where she met the love of her life Steven Weed. Steven was a young teacher at the school and became Patty’s math tutor. Patty Hearst went to Menlo College and her relationship with Steven continued. Meanwhile, during the summer she visited Europe but after he return her, and Steven got …show more content…

The two moved to Barkley California and everything seemed to be going great for them, until her life and others around her lives took a turn for the worst. On February 4, 1974, the couple received a rang at the door of their apartment from a woman panicking about hitting another car in the driveway. In the process of Steven answering the door two armed men forced their selves into the apartment. Patty Hearst was kidnapped from her home by a terrorist group called Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) (Toobin, 2018). Patty’s fiancé Steven was left on the floor severely beaten. The SLA dragged Patty out of her apartment and forced her into the trunk of their car. They took her to a hide out in which they kept her held hostage. During the time of Patty’s abduction, she was blind folded and kept in a closet for two months. While in the closet, Patty was rape, beaten, and denied any freedom if she did not comply with the groups ideas and beliefs (Toobin, 2018). The SLA manipulated and brainwashed Patty to get her to follow their orders, therefore, Patty became a crime victim. The SLA released an audio tape to the public of Patty Hearst stating that she was changing her name to Tania and the she had joined forces

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