Why Is Oj Simpson Guilty

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Imagine how a court would be run if it was dysfunctional. With many pieces of evidence to solve one problem that can lead to months after months, just to say those words, “guilty or not guilty.” There was one case that caught everybody's attention and became very famous. In 1994, O.J Simpson was accused for brutally murdering his ex-wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. He was sentence to court, and it took about 10 months to come to a conclusion as he walked out of court as a freedman. As it was a nation worldwide news that was all over tv. People around the country watching was shock of the decision, an debut that caught everybody eyes, that O.J Simpson should’ve been guilty. Because of how the court system work, it let a dangerous man walk out free.
During the next morning of the murder, things went out of control, as police interviewed O.J Simpson. As they ask him numerous question about a deep cut on his right hand (Victor). Supposedly he claims that …show more content…

And have many mistakes to see that he was the killer, but still say that he was not guilty, and let him walk free.As it started out with the murder of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman on June 13, 1994. As LAPD convicted O.J simpson for the murder, as the trial lasted for 10 months of arguments and disagreements, and where there was so many evidence of O.J that led him to be the killer of Nicole Simpson, and as October 3, 1995 he was found not guilty of the murder. But didn’t stop him to be a criminal and was sentence to jail for his behavior. As this trial showed us, the issues of law enforcement that still exist in our country, as this trial will be remembered for it creating a greater awareness of domestic violence issues, and a lessons of how the trial system work, for a criminal to be innocent tell the juries have proof that he was guilty. But this trial showed have taught the country to be better and prepared for the unbelievable decision this country

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