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Casey Anthony age thirty-one is found not guilty for killing her two year old daughter. Casey Anthony should have been found guilty because of these three reasons: Anthony’s mother Cindy was the one to call the cops when Caylee went missing instead of Casey, the cops found chloroform on Caylee’s body and in her trunk, and it is known that Casey didn’t want her daughter to begin with. There is enough substantial evidence to prove that Casey Anthony is guilty for the murder of her daughter.
Caylee Anthony was born on August 9, 2005 and reported missing on July 15, 2008. Casey told several falsehoods to detectives including that Caylee had been kidnapped by a nanny on June 9th, and that she had been too frightened to alert the authorities. Casey was charged with first-degree murder in October 2008 and pleaded not guilty. On December 11, 2008 Caylee’s skeletal remains were found with a blanket inside a trash bag in a wooded area near the family house. The trial lasted six weeks. The prosecution sought the death penalty. The defense claimed that Caylee drowned in the swimming pool and George Anthony, Casey’s father, disposed of the body. They also claimed that Casey lied about …show more content…

The body of Caylee was found right outside of the family’s property where it would have been easy to dispose of the body. In the autopsy report, traces of chloroform were found on Caylee’s remains while traces of chloroform were also found in the trunk of Casey’s car. Casey’s mother reported that the trunk of her car smelled like a dead body had been in there for a while. In the trial, the defense could not give any explanation as to why any of this is true. Without any evidence to prove these accusations weren’t true is reason enough to believe that she is guilty. “Body fluids had leaked out from the black garbage bags into the laundry bag, the trunk and onto… Casey’s clothes, her black boots and the white trash bag.” (Radar Staff.

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