Adnan Syed A Serial Podcast Murdered By Sarah Koenig

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Is Adnan Syed an innocent man serving life in prison for a murder he didn’t commit? A lot of people believe so based on the serial podcast told by Sarah Koenig. Adnan was a 17 year old high school student whose parents immigrated from Pakistan when he was too young to remember. He had been dating Hae Min Lee, the victim, and recently broke up with her before her death. The state didn’t have enough evidence to convict him until they got Jay, Adnan’s acquaintance, to testify. Even with Jay’s testimony, I don't believe that Adnan Syed should have been convicted of murder on such little evidence. The state’s motive for Adnan is based on Muslim stereotypes and no real evidence. They say that when Hae broke up with Adnan she besmirched his honor, forcing him to have to kill her to regain it. Adnan has shown many times that he doesn’t follow strict Muslim rules by dating multiple girls, partying, and even smoking marijuana. In the court, the jury was told a story about a Muslim who committed a crime in America and avoided punishment by fleeing to Pakistan through his …show more content…

Throughout the podcast the cell records put Adnan and Jay together, Adnan at the murder scene, and at the site where Hae’s body was buried. Another thing that looks bad for Adnan is the Nisha call. Koenig states that, “Not only does it put Adnan together with his phone in the middle of the afternoon, it puts Adnan together with Jay in the middle of the afternoon,” (Serial Podcast, episode 12). It was always thought that the Nisha call was answered but Koenig discovers that “ AT&T won’t charge for unanswered calls unless the call isn’t terminated within a reasonable time,” (Serial Podcast, Episode 12). This is important because it shows that this call could have been a butt dial and a key piece of the state’s evidence might be wrong. At the end of the podcast, it comes to light that cell records aren't all that

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