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The defendant is pronounced guilty. Those were the words that Adnan’s Syed’s heard as he was being convicted of first-degree murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee on Jun. 6 . 2000. The case aroused after the murder of Ms.Lee on Jan. 13 1999. Jay Wilds, a former friend of Mr.Syed had agreed to be interviewed by the authorities for immunity, leading to the state of Maryland building a case against Mr.Syed and leading to his eventual sentencing. After 15 years, journalist Sarah Koenig starts the podcast Serial investigating the murder of Ms.Lee under the notion that there could be a possible mistrial and has now resulted in a retrial. However, I’m going to reaffirm that the defendant Mr. Syed had still killed Ms.Lee on the afternoon of Jan. …show more content…

The defendant had once challenged Sarah Koenig, the creator and narrator of the podcast “Serial” to test the timeline of our case claiming that timeline can’t possibly fit the events mentioned in the given time frame. So, Ms.Koenig along with the podcast producer Dana Chivvis test the idea by setting up a mock scenario as the state had claimed. After going through the test, the two had concluded that the time frame provided made it possible for Mr.Syed to kill Ms.Lee(Ep.5). This evidence is definitely reliable since the narrator and producer are creating the podcast, and have been investigating both sides of the murder. The scenario confirms that the defendant could have killed Ms.Lee in the amount of time our case claims. The recreation of the scene further affirmed the timeline from the testimony of Mr.Wilds which has factual support from other evidence such as the call log of Mr.Syed’s cellphone the day of the murder. The only contradicting evidence is the existence of the Best Buy Pay Phone at which Mr.Syed had made the 2:36 p.m. call on the call log. But the existence of the pay phone is confirmed with its allocation on the architectural plans for that best buy. We now know that the time supports Hae being killed, but we still need to know if the timing of the rest of the day as well. When the narrator Ms.Koenig points out the call log records show that later in the day, specifically 6:24-8: 05 pm, the cell tower pings illuminate in a path that corroborates Mr.Wilds’ story. This is significant because the time frame fits the burial of Hae at Leakin Park(Ep. 5). The call log is very dependable since not only it is factual evidence, but experts have confirmed that the call log is accurate. The call log validates that Mr.Wilds time description of Hae’s burial is accurate. The main corroboration is the testimony of Mr.Wilds and the

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