Adnan Syed At The Trial Of Hae Min Lee

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Your girlfriend disappeared and nobody knows where she went. You were just informed she was found dead in a park, but you are being blamed for her death. She was really important to you, and you would never hurt her. Adnan Syed, a 17 year old Muslim of Baltimore, had this happen to him in January of 1999. Adnan Syed was wrongly convicted of Hae Min Lee’s murder because of an inaccurate timeline, an inadequate lawyer, and no DNA evidence against him. This is why he should be released from the Maryland correctional facility and be able to go home to his family. The state’s timeline wasn’t accurate and seems impossible at some points. Sarah Koenig and Dana Chivvis, the hosts of the Serial podcast, tried to recreate the state’s timeline as if …show more content…

During Adnan’s trial, Gutierrez was verbally aggressive towards Jay. “You gotta wonder whether moments like this hurt Adnan’s case rather than helped it, because, Jay seems like the underdog” (Koenig, “The Deal with Jay”). As the trial progresses, Jay stays civil and doesn’t get angry or freak out on Cristina; however, she was aggressive and was always yelling at him. Even though she was acting in this manner, Jay still managed to answer with polite responses. During the case, “Quarles loses his patience with Christina. It’s over something small” (Koenig, “The Best Defense is a Good Defense”). Urick asks if he can show some AT&T call records to the jurors from Adnan’s phone, but Cristina claims to not have seen them, which Urick says isn’t true. Quarles accuses Cristina of lying, which causes Cristina to overreact. Meanwhile, the jurors are observing everything. Due to the jury hearing her, Cristina asks for a mistrial so their views won’t be changed if they thought she was a liar. This first trial was actually going well for Adnan; the jurors said they were on the way to acquitting him. So had this trial played out, Adnan might be a free man. However, the second trial did not end well. Cristina was still a good lawyer and worked hard to prove Adnan’s innocence, but her arguments weren’t very organized. “it wasn’t like a clear outline, like the prosecution had” (Koenig, “The Best …show more content…

“Between noon and five pm that day, there are seven outgoing calls on the log, six of them are to people Jay knows, the seventh is to Nisha, someone only Adnan knew” (Koenig, “The Case Against Adnan Syed”). This shows that Adnan either left track early, or he never went to track. However, this call could have been made accidentally by Jay. Also, “AT&T will charge you for that call even if it’s unanswered” (Koenig, “What We Know”). This accounts for the fact that he got charged for it, which makes sense now that we know this part of the contract. If her number was on speed dial, it wouldn’t have taken much to accidentally call her and not realize it right away. Along with this, cell records show a call that pings a tower near Leakin Park the day of the murder. “‘yes, the way the science is explained in here is right’” (Koenig, “Route Talk”). The cell expert did, in fact, explain and test the evidence the right way. Adnan did in fact ping a cell tower that was located near Leakin Park when he called someone. However, this just means he was within range of this tower, not necessarily in the park. Just because he pinged the cell tower doesn’t mean he was in Leakin Park. “Rather than pinpoint a suspect’s whereabouts, cell-tower records can put someone within an area of several hundred square miles

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