The Case Of Adnan Syed

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On January 13, 1999, 18 year old Hae Min Lee, was reported missing after she left Woodland high school in Baltimore, Maryland. Hae was suppose to pick up her little cousin after school that day but had never showed, and that’s went her parents got suspicious. She was then found about a month later, buried in Leakin Park, a few miles away from the last place she was seen. Approximately six weeks after Hae went missing, a boy named Adnan Syed, an ex boyfriend of Hae’s, was arrested for her murder. To this day Hae Min Lee’s case has sparked many unanswered questions, and has rounded up many accusations. After listening to the podcast of the case, I’ve been convinced that Adnan Syed is not guilty and there should be more investigating done. Numerous …show more content…

The second found inconsistency in this case was also in Jay’s story. The call log that came from Adnan’s phone on the day of the crime matches some of what Jay said in the statements and the phone towers match some of the places that he had mentioned as well. Jay took the cops on the routine of what had happened the day of Hae’s disappearance, to map out the whole timeline. In the podcast Sarah Koenig and her assistant took this same route to schedule out the whole case and find the holes. Jay had told the police that after him and Adnan left the Park and Ride, they went in search of weed. Once Sarah gets to the Park and Ride it’s just a little after 3:00. Keeping in mind that Adnan has Track practice at 4:00 and Jay said that was his alibi. Jay stated after arriving at the Park and Ride that’s when he called his friend Patrick. On the call log from Adnan’s phone there is in fact a call to Patrick, but it’s not until 3:59 p.m not around 3:00. So we have a time problem off the bat. The call to Patrick was never answered, so Jay stated that since they couldn’t get it from Patrick that they just went up to Forest Park to buy the weed. On the way back from the Park, Jay mentions that Adnan got a phone call from a girl. This is the part of Jay’s story that the police really hold on to. On the call records it does have a call at around the time to this girl, a girl only Adnan would know. This call puts Adnan and Jay together at a time that Adnan said he wasn’t with Jay. Though everything matches up in the story, the cell phone tower is the only missing link. The call picks up from a tower next to Best Buy, in the complete opposite direction of the Forest Park area. There isn’t just one call that doesn't bounce off of the right cell towers. A 3:59 call to Patrick didn’t bounce off in the right area, a 3:48 call to a Phil, the 3:32 call to Nisha, a 3:21 call to Jenn,

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