Adnan Syed Is Guilty

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Prideful blood In the Adnan syed case, it is clear that syed is guilty due to the cell phone records and the testimony of Pusateri,wilds and McClain letter. Although many may believe Adnan Syed is not responsible, in actuality he is liable for his crimes.The cell phone records provided by AT&T, Which was requested by the police, demonstrate clear evidence of Syed being guilty. In these two pieces of evidence the court sees the accuracy of calls and the calls being made,with each course of action. According to Waranowitz, “They’re cell phone records with two calls that … went through that particular cell site location, would the functioning of the AT&T network be consistent with the testimony? Waranowitz answered yes ” and according to Wilds, …show more content…

This Reveals Syed Wrong actions as it connects with the timeline of the calls given by the AT&T records and thus proving Adnan Syed being responsible because the whole story is adding up and connecting to wilds story. Likewise, the testimonies of witnesses proves Syed to be guilty as charged, as it adds up to create a story that proves him as a criminal. In the crime scene 4 witnesses are interviewed or info is obtained from them.According to wilds, Pusateri and vinson, “Wilds contacted Pusateri and asked her to pick him up at the Westview Mall… then he told her that Syed killed Lee that afternoon and placed her in the trunk of her car… he returned to Vinson’s house for the rest of the evening... Vinson testified that Syed and Wilds stopped by her apartment around 6 pm” and According to McClain, McClain had written Syed a letter… reminding him that she … had seen him at the Woodlawn Public Library… before 3 p.m. on January 13. “Why haven’t you told anyone about talking to me in the library?” she wrote.”(Otterbourg). in other words, it is believed that wilds asked Pusateri to pick him up, he told her the crimes of syed and ended the day by going to vinson Apartment, which Vinson said was true

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