Was Adnan Syed Guilty Responsible For The Death Of Hae?

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On February 9, 1999 Hae Min Lee was found in Leakin Park, Baltimore, Maryland with signs of manual strangulation. The state claimed that Adnan Syed, Hae’s former boyfriend at the time was responsible because they believed he was enraged of their relationship ending. My claim is Adnan Syed is likely not responsible for the death of Hae Min Lee, because there was insufficient evidence to prove he was guilty and the trial was unfair, it was based more on his racial background than the actual case itself. Adnan can be proved innocent with Don’s odd alibi and suspicions. The day Hae went missing authorities asked Don of his whereabouts and he provided an alibi. Don’s alibi was that he was working at his job at Lenscrafters, and was filling for …show more content…

When Hae’s body was found in Leakin Park, she was laying on her side and twisted. After she was found the medical examiners and the forensic pathologists who reviewed her body and the crime scene claimed her body showed it was in a face down position and stretched out for eight to ten hours, which explains fixed frontal lividity. Lividity takes place after death, when all the blood pools from the victim’s body shift to a part of the body closest to the ground. The reason this evidence was not used in trial was likely because the explanation of the lividity proves she was moved to the burial site after lividity had become permanent, which means her body was not dumped in Leakin Park at around 7pm and she was hidden in a place with her body laid flat for eight to ten hours before buried in Leakin Park. What this autopsy report shows, anyone who is guilty of a murder would likely bury the body as quickly as possible as opposed to hiding the body hours …show more content…

In episode 10, Koenig presents evidence anti-Muslim prejudice played a definite role at different points in Adnan's case. For example when prosecutor Vicki Wash kept referring to Adnan as a Pakistani, instead of Pakistani American, and then stated a pattern of cases where Pakistanis kill women and flee back to their home country. And when she claimed that because Adnan had strong support from the community, he had limitless resources of the entire community and as well claimed that he can tag resources from Pakistan as well. Wash also compared Adnan’s case to another teenage boy named Samuel Sheinbein, who was accused of murdering another teenager in the year 1997 and then fled to Israel. The focus of Adnan’s case was to prove if he was guilty or innocent, not to talk about his race or compare him to other serial killers who are also his race. If a juror during court trying to prove the victim is either guilty or innocent talks more about the victim’s race than the actual case itself, it is considered

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