Adnan Syed Case

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Hook. On January 13, 1999, a Baltimore high school student named Hae Min Lee, had been reported missing after school. After three weeks of Hae’s disappearance, her body was later discovered at Leakin Park on February 9, 1999. Three weeks after discovering her body, Hae’s ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was arrested for the crime. Adnan Syed claimed that the murder was not his doing, however, his friend Jay says otherwise. Fifteen years later, Sarah Koenig decided to investigate the case herself, and within a year, she was able to break down the case well enough for her viewers to create their own opinion. Even though she did not come to a conclusion herself, I conclude Adnan Syed to be guilty. Adnan Syed is responsible for the death of Hae Min …show more content…

The second time, he had brought Adnan with him, and Adnan, whom Cathy never met, was acting strangely. Cathy testifies that Adnan began to act strangely after he received a call. He began to question the person on the other line, by asking “What am I going to do?, what am I going to say?”(qdt. Cathy). Adnan began to panic as he continued to speak to the other person. Adnan received three calls that afternoon around Cathy’s area. One was from Hae’s brother, the other was from the police, and the last call was unidentified. The call time of the calls were unidentified, as well with their names. The first incoming call was made at 6:07 P.M. and it lasted 56 seconds. The second incoming call was made at 6:09 P.M. which lasted 53 seconds. The last incoming call was made 6:24 P.M. which lasted for four minutes and twenty-four seconds. Sara Koenig asked Officer Adcock if he remembered which call he had used to contact Adnan, and he believes that he was the 6:24 P.M. call. After Adnan ended the call, Cathy explains that he immediately ran out of her apartment, with Jay right behind. They both sat in the car for a long period of time, and after awhile, left. Sara Koenig actually believes that the unidentified caller was Jen, Jay’s friend. The reason why Sara believes it may have been Jen is that the next time Jay, Jen, and Cathy met up, Cathy asked for an explanation why both Adnan and Jay …show more content…

That is why on the night of the murder, Jay had told Jen exactly what had happened that afternoon. Jay consistently stated throughout his interviews that on that exact night, he had told Jen what Adnan had done. When Jen was brought for questioning, she testified that she had called Jay that afternoon, however, Adnan picked up and quickly told her that Jay will call her back once he was done. This shows that Adnan and Jay, were together that afternoon. Later that day, after 8:00 P.M. or when Adnan had finished burying Hae’s body, she had arranged to pick up Jay in the parking lot of Westview Mall. Jen saw Jay arrive in Adnan’s car, and after Jay had stepped in her car, she explained how Jay had looked nervous, or otherwise frighten. After a while of silence, Jay had told her what Adnan had done. The only thing different about both Jen’s and Jay’s story is the exact day Jen had taken Jay to the dumpster of Westview mall in order to dispose of the evidence he contained. Jen stated that it was the following day she took Jay. However, Jay claims that it was the exact night the murder had occurred. Similar to Cathy, Jen had spotted both Adnan and Jay that evening. Cathy had seen them after practice, and Jen had seen them after they had buried Hae. Not only does this conclude that both teens had been together all afternoon, it also concludes Jay’s story to be

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