Adnan Syed Vs People

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To be wrongfully convicted is an innocent man’s darkest nightmare. For Adnan Syed this nightmare happened to become his future. In Adnan Syed vs. People, the jury ruled in favor of the DA’s case. Nonetheless, supporters of Adnan haven’t stopped speculating on who actually holds the culpability. After analyzing the case, two main suspects appeared, Adnan’s best friend Stephanie and her boyfriend Jay. Although Stephanie McPherson and Jay Wilds had different motives for killing Hae Min Lee, they succeed to falsely incriminate Adnan Syed in spite of all the evidence that clears the defendant of this crime. Adnan’s best friend Stephanie McPherson and her boyfriend Jay Wilds both have as much of a motive to murder Hae Min Lee as Adnan Syed does. …show more content…

Wilds would have done anything to help Stephanie, even if that meant taking the life of another. As Laura, a close friend of Stephanie’s tells Koenig, “He [Jay] was like, 'out of all the craziness, Stephanie was his amazingness'” (Ep. 8 Serial). With this information, it is clear that Jay would be willing to make the riskiest of moves if it meant protecting his sweetheart. Nonetheless, even if the two mentioned weren’t found a motive, the evidence against Jay and Stephanie doesn’t prove any less. The couple carefully framed Mr. Syed, but important clues that can lead to their incrimination were carelessly left …show more content…

Not only did she make a statement through her two letters directed to Adnan, but she stuck with her recollections throughout all these years: “At around 2:30 p.m., I saw Adnan Syed enter the library… We talked about his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee and he seemed extremely calm and caring” (Asia’s affidavit 2015 - Serial). By vowing that she had conversed with Syed and clearly remembers the subject makes Asia a credible alibi. Moreover, the nature of this dialogue also demonstrates that Adnan had no hard feeling for his ex-girlfriend, but wished her well. Therefore, Ms. McClain isn’t just an alibi, but someone who has proof that the jealousy Adnan was charged upon is

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