Adnan Syed Casey Case

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January 13th,1999, where a student was for 21 minutes after school is the big thing in the case against Adnan Syed. Adnan was convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee. This decision of the court was made in a way of jumping straight to conclusions. Was there reasonable doubt that Adnan Syed didn’t murder Hae Min Lee? There was plenty of reasonable doubt, but Adnan still was charged with 1st degree murder. The detectives mainly relied on what Jay Wilds had to say about the day, January 13th,199. The way Sarah is telling the story is affecting the viewers because it would seem what Asia said was true, it seems as jay may have murdered Hae, that Adnan was wrongfully convicted, the case is cold, and she is biased towards Adnan.
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According to Adnan’s call log, at 3:32 pm a call was made to Nisha which lasted 2:22. The call was placed around cell tower L651C, which is around the school. Jay couldn’t have made this call because Nisha was a friend of Adnan. According to Adnan’s call log, there was two calls made to Jenn’s pager around the area where Hae was buried. Jenn was a friend of Jay’s and he told her to come pick him up after the body has been buried. According to Serial episode 5, Sarah states that it is possible to commit the crime in 21 minutes, but everything would have to move quickly. According to Serial Episode 2, Sarah states “at this point, I’m going to say flat out that I don’t buy the motive for this murder…” When sarah says this viewers may think that Adnan was wrongfully convicted. According to Stephanie’s statement 1, she said “...never heard of any information in school about Adnan being responsible for murdering Hae until the police charged him.” So, really no one thought adnan had killed Hae which will go back to the point of was he wrongfully …show more content…

According to Serial episode 6, there was a not found that had “I’m going to kill” written in blue ink. Adnan wrote his k’s a different way, but the other person he was passing notes with wrote their k’s the same way. There is also the thought that Jay has Adnan’s phone and car most of the day. Jay also knew where Hae’s body was buried and where her car was parked. There was a call on the call log around Leakin Park to Jenn again Jenn is Jay’s friend. If Adnan was burying Hae, why would he call Jenn? It was Jay calling Jenn to tell her to come get him. Was Jay there alone? This is the point where the viewers may think who really murdered

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