Is Jay Kon Innocent Or Guilty

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Imagine your significant other’s body getting discovered at a park after he/she went missing for about three weeks. This is exactly what happened to Don MacGillivray when his girlfriend Hae Min Lee’s body was found in Leakin park in Baltimore, Maryland in 1999. In the podcast Serial, Sarah Koenig discusses the possibilities of who’s guilty and shows evidence to prove him innocent or guilty. One of the suspected murderers? Hae’s ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed. Adnan was known as a kind, gentle teenager, being involved in sports and other activities and having many friends. He had a darker secret though. A vengeful Adnan Syed cold-heartedly murdered Hae Min Lee, pulling his friend Jay Wilds and possibly another man into it to assist him; meanwhile, …show more content…

With how much he knew there was no way Adnan wasn’t involved with the murder since him and Jay spent so much time that day. Adnan had apparently been telling Jay about how he was going to strangle Hae: “During the conversation he stated he was going to kill that bitch” (Koenig, “The Alibi”). Clearly, Adnan had been planning the murder, having Jay be apart of the plan. Jay may not have been Adnan’s only accomplice. Sarah Koenig dabbled into investigating the man credited with discovering Hae’s body known as Mr. S who “had a family member who was one of Hae Min Lee’s teachers and another family member who lived next door to Adnan Syed” (Reddit, jbrambledc). This Mr. S clearly had a few connections to two people involved in this case. If this man was involved, it would make sense as to how he found the body and knew where it was since the body was pretty well hidden. He also could’ve been the anonymous phone call to the police that pointed them to investigate Adnan. Because of Jay’s stories, it proves that Adnan had been planning this and didn’t suddenly say to Jay, “Hey I’m gonna go murder someone. Wanna help?” proving that Adnan might be a little

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