Jay Adnan Conspiracy

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A tennager called Hae Min Lee was murdered on January 13, 1999. The cause of her death was by strangulation. The police and Hae's friends has been searching for her until she was later found in February 9, 1999 at the leakin park by a guy named Mr. S. when Adnan was convicted of murdering Hae. Leakin Park was a park where people describe it as scary or not a good place with people going there just to drink or smoke. Mr. S. was suspicious to the cops which led to many points of questioning. Deirdre Enright and her students that work for an Innocence Program, which they try to prove that Adnan is not guilty. Enright and her students provided more evidence and information about the lack of evidence that was brought to Adnan’s conviction. This …show more content…

This made the police, and including Koenig to be suspicious of Jay, thinking this might be a lie. Adnan is innocent because of Jay’s inconsistency with the cell records and the cell towers. There were several parts in Jay’s story that he changed in his second testimony which led to many inconsistencies.” Adnan’s was the first case to use a Cell Tower Pinging Technology, which Jay’s story doesn’t corroborate with the times”(Serial Episode 4). This means that Jay was making a story up to try and convict Adnan but it was based with the inconsistency with cell records and the cell towers near Woodlawn and Best Buy. Also the timeline with the calls between 12:07 to 6:07 weren’t matching up and led to another inconsistency. For example “The Nisha Call” it matches Jay’s story but it didn’t match the cell tower which pinged to a different tower at the time.( Episode …show more content…

Don didn’t remember anything he did that day just like Adnan and he lied about working the day Hae went missing. Don wouldn’t testify in the trial on what he did that day because he didn’t want to be involved in the case. But he was involved actually because the day she went missing he was not working at his store. Don and Adnan had went to Hae when her car broke down and Adnan took her home which probably means that Don could’ve been jealous and killed Hae. Don said “I was with Hae the night before and she wanted to spend the next day with me.”(Episode 12) This means that Don could’ve murdered her the next day. The police contacted Don because he was the current boyfriend of Hae and they found a note with Don’s name on it. When Don had his testimony, the state wanted him to make Adnan seem creepy and they wanted him to be intimidating. (Episode 12) This means that the state was against Adnan and they were trying to get Don to make him guilty faster. However, if an authority tells a person to make another person seem bad it tells us that they want Hae’s case to be over with and convict

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