Guilty In The Podcast Serial By Sarah Koenig

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Adnan Paper Adnan Syed was eighteen years old when he was accused of murdering his ex girlfriend Hae. Hae was the same age as Adnan and they attended the same school. There are many pieces of evidence for whether he is guilty or not. These pieces of evidence can be both positive and negative in his case. This was the main storyline of the podcast Serial, by Sarah Koenig. Overall, the evidence leads me to believe that Adnan is guilty. Adnan Syed must be guilty for these three main reasons, the map with Leakin Park in Hae’s car had his handprint on it, he had wrote “I’m going to kill” in a note to her, and that he lies multiple times and claims not to remember anything about that day. The first evidence that makes me believe Adnan is guilty is that map had his handprint on it inside of Hae’s car. This is significant for multiple reasons. For example, in order to figure out …show more content…

For example, Adnan was questioned about whether he asked Hae for a ride home. To one officer, he claimed that he did do so. But, he said she wasn’t able to because she had to pick up her little cousin. Later in the investigation, Adnan had told a different officer that he did not even ask her for a ride. This seems like an extremely large slip in his story. He clearly lied to one of the officers, which is why he is guilty. Lying to an officer about something that significant, especially in this case is a big deal. Throughout all of the time that this investigation took place, Adnan lied to the police several more times. Although, some of those lies were not as weighted as that last one was. Most of the time, when people lie they try to at least make more of an effort to cover it up. Adnan made his big lie clear as day for everyone to see. This lie puts him at fault when being determined whether he should be guilty or not. In my opinion, it is extremely hard to breeze past that lie like it is

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