Jealousy In The Case Against Adnan Syed Case

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Imagine having the feelings of your former significant other be the reason you live or die. The thought of that is mind boggling and you would stop at nothing to not let it happen. The murder of female victims is most often perpetrated within the framework of an intimate relationship. Usually, homicides against women are carried out by their male partners, at what turns out to be the end of a trajectory of escalating abuse of dominance. That’s what happened to Hae Min Lee, she was murdered by Adnan Syed out of his jealousy over his ex-girlfriend’s relationship with her co-worker. Along with jealousy Adnan’s belief and religion played a role in the murder. The only reason Adnan’s conviction is being second guessed is because of a podcast called …show more content…

“I want to say I'm 99% sure”(Koenig, “The Case Against Adnan Syed”) said Adnan when asked if he was in the library during Hae’s murder. This means that there is still an uncertainty as to where he was when Hae was murdered. Secondly, Adnan remembers being “high when the police called”(Koenig, “The Case Against Adnan Syed”). So he remembered that he was high 15 years later but he couldn’t remember the rest of the day. If Adnan was a normal everyday high schooler he should be able to remember the police calling him, unless he has had the cops call him weekly and now he’s just used to it which would raise a red flag without evidence. He says “uh, I do remember that phone call.”( Koenig, “The Alibi”)This makes it really hard to believe that Adnan wasn’t lying about not remembering anything about the day Of Hae’s death. It’s hard to believe that Adnan didn't remember anything about the day his ex-girlfriend was murdered especially since he still had feelings for …show more content…

“Adnan chose to dance with Hae rather than Stephanie breaking the tradition of having the king dance with the queen”(Koenig, “The Breakup”).This shows that Adnan was in love with Hae long before he even knew much about her. Makes me think anything Hae did to upset Adnan would have consequences. “Adnan got pulled off the dance floor by his parents in front of the whole school” (Koenig, “The Breakup”). This makes me think Hae was embarrassed by his parents and she might’ve had second thoughts about this relationship. “We used to argue a lot”(Koenig, The Breakup) said Shamim Rahman, Adnan’s mother. Adnan would lie about where he was going and he would be on the phone with girls all night. This caused his mother to get suspicious and nosey. Eventually she would catch him and listen to his calls that led to them arguing and his mother saying he can’t be doing this as a muslim. Adnan thought this was all Harry's fault because she was the reason he was fighting with

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