Who Is The Serial Podcast By Sarah Koenig?

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There are some things that people like to keep private. Also, there are some things that people want to bring to public light. People either do this for fame, glory, and money or they feel the need to give us knowledge about something that happened in the past. Sarah Koenig did an open podcast about the death of Hae Min Lee without asking the permission of her family. However, she looks into the case built against Hae’s ex-boyfriend, Adnan and finds several flaws in it. This podcast does raise some questions about America’s court system. Flaws in the case deal with disregarding a witness's testimony and not having physical evidence against the suspect. This would seem sketchy to almost anyone. Koenig uses different devices to achieve her goals. …show more content…

She interviews a variety of people who were involved in the case and friends of Hae Min Lee as well. Koenig looks into the case that was built against Adnan. The state believed he murdered Hae was that he wasn't supposed to be dating her at all since his parents were conservative Muslims. They used this against him in two ways. One way was that he had nothing left if they broke up and that Adnan would be outraged and kill her. Another way was that Adnan was a duplicitous liar and played a “good Muslim” at home. Koenig then later finds out that a “potential alibi” was left out of Adnan’s case since it conflicted with Adnan’s own alibi despite him not remembering what happened on that day. In other words, it was too late since he had already been …show more content…

She mentions "I'm not a detective or a private investigator...," and "I've not a crime reporter." She also says, "Now imagine you have to account for a day that happened six weeks back." Koenig is trying to make herself seem like she's unbiased. However, in the podcast, she starts trying to convince us that Adnan may be innocent. She does this by focusing on the flaws of the case built against Adnan and not vice versa. One example is the potential alibi of Adnan that was left out in the murder case against him. This shows that Koenig herself is being biased. This shows that she is only trying to push for own agenda of Adnan being innocent. She is achieving this agenda by profiting off another person's story. This isn't an ordinary story but also a misfortune. Profiting off a misfortune is a sign of greed and being apathetic. Her use of ethics and logical appeals are very convincing

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