Adnan's Guilty: A Narrative Analysis

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The law states that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty and because Adnan Syed is far from being proven due to lack of actual evidence. Whether you want to believe he was involved in this murder or not, there is no reason for him to spend one more day in jail. Yes many believe that certain inconsistencies and theories that are not actually reliable mean he is the one who committed this heinous crime. The reality is Adnan has an alibi, the reality is Adnan has no motive behind this act, the reality is there is no evidence out there to make Adnan serve the life sentence. I am confident that Adnan has 100% undeniably been wrongfully convicted of first degree murder.
First off, lets start off with Adnan’s alibi and what he was doing after school at the time of Hae’s murder. In the beginning of the time Adnan spent in jail, Adnan received letters from a girl called Aisah McClain. Let me just say first that Aisah and Adnan weren 't best friends or played important roles in each other’s lives, at all. Aisah McClain had nothing to benefit from writing these letters to Adnan. These letters indicate that Aisah had seen Adnan in the library right across …show more content…

Aisah even asks why Adnan hasn 't mentioned this incident to the judge or his lawyers. The judge may argue that Adnan claims he was on school campus during the murder so it would contradict what he had originally said but the truth is the library was basically part of campus. Everyone considered the library part of the campus considering that 's where people went to go study and do homework after school, not to mention it was only foot steps away from their school. The truth is, this isn 't one of Adnan’s close friends coming to his defense, this is someone who has no bias on Adnan coming forward to justify his

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