Hae Min Lee's Trial

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One evening, a woman, Hae Min Lee was killed in the city of Baltimore in 1999. Apparently, Hae Min Lee’s ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed has been convicted, and has since been sentenced to life in prison, for the past 15 years. For fifteen years, he maintains to be innocent to this day. The perpetrator of Hae Min Lee’s murder is done by a third-party with the assistance of Jay, because Adnan was seen elsewhere at the time when Hae was supposedly killed.

Adnan’s trial was not a fair trial. One of the first questions come to mind, “What about the physical evidence?” No physical evidence was brought up, other than the star witness, Jay. Police has not been investigating this seriously, yes, there were some fingerprints affiliated to Adnan on Hae’s map …show more content…

Jay had several inconsistencies, some are major, and some, perhaps minor. The ones that stands out the most are appalling, such as the fact that he openingly stated to police and jury that he will lie avoiding criminal punishment. In one occasion with the police, he said Adnan “knows I sold drugs… he could get me locked up for that.” In further interviews, there are times when he would say Adnan asked him one day ago, same day, and even four to five days ago to help assist him in such murder. When asked where Adnan killed Hae, there were several different responses, including Best Buy, Woodlawn Public Library, and Patapsco State Park, which haven’t been brought up since. Time buried in Leakin Park: 7 pm in first interviews and trial testimony, and midnight in a recent interview. All of the listed inconsistencies were made possible with the help from the police, his stories has been altering so that his evidence can corroborate with the cell towers. An article claims that Detective William Ritz was involved in a case where witnesses were encouraged to lie, exculpatory evidence was hidden, and in short, the investigation was corrupt. By doing so, this help Jay and a possible third party involvement. These so-called “evidence” does not arrive to the fact that Adnan killed Hae. How did the jury take in such evidence to prove Adnan

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