Jay Wilds: Guilty Or Innocent

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What would you do if you ever got accused of killing someone ? What would you pledge , guilty or innocent ? This brings in Serial a podcast narrated by Sarah Koenig, it talks about a boy being accused of killing his girlfriend and she’s making to hear our opinion of hi being convicted is he guilty or not ? Until this day nobody knows . Adnan is an a 18 year old boy who was born in the US but his parents are from the Middle East . He used to attend Woodlawn High School where also the 17 year ex-girlfriend went to . Jay Wilds is a key witness in this case , I’ll explain his roll on this later. This story is very interesting because we really don’t know if he’s guilty or not . The first reason why i believe Adnan is innocent is because …show more content…

This part in the story is when Jay says what he knows about the murder but because of how old Hae’s body was they couldn’t test it for DNA ‘’ no physical evidence linking Adnan to the murder ‘’ . This proves he’s innocent because there’s no evidence . Plus in one of the stories he tells from that day saying Adnan called him from BestBuy he said he used the phone from there, checked by the police and they looked back at the blue prints from there , there was no phone at bestbuy and AT &T said they couldn’t use the phone calls as an example in the jury’s office because where ever they were the call was going to pin in the Leakin Park phone call pole . Where the body was buried. There Adnan is innocent because of the lack of evidence. All though i believe Adnan is innocent it is possible he’s guilty ,because he has a motive and he said he was going to kill her before and there’s people saying he asked her for a ride on January 13, the day she went missing . There’s no evidence he was at track ,where he was supposed to be . Some may say he’s guilty because of that ‘’ he doesn’t take Adnan’s words of threatening to kill Hae ‘’ Jay said he didn’t take him serious . It helps my topic sentence to be proved because it says why he may be guilty . Therefore Adnan is guilty because of the alibis of peoples and not attending

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