Adnan Guilty In The Murder Case Of Hae Min Lee

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Everyone charged with a penal transgression has the right to be considered “innocent until proven guilty” according to the US Constitution. Did the prosecution use reasonable and accurate evidence to prove Adnan guilty in the murder case of Hae Min Lee? On January 13 in 1999, a Woodlawn high school senior, Hae Min Lee disappeared after school, and one month later on February 10 in 1999, her body was found buried in the Leakin Park in Baltimore, Maryland. Adnan Syed, her ex-boyfriend, was convicted of this murder by the state of Maryland after one year in February 25 in 2000. The eyewitness of this case was Jay Wilds, a former friend of Adnan, who testified against him and stated that Adnan told him he was going to kill Hae, Jay also reported …show more content…

The lawyer stated that a girl named Nisha was called from Adnan Syed’s cell at 3:32 after Hae was murdered, and the call lasted for about two minutes. Adnan said it was Jay who called Nisha accidentally because at that time Jay had his car and phone. On the other hand, Jay said that he doesn’t know who Nisha is and Adnan called Nisha in front of him. The call logs presented at the court placed Adnan with Jay, and it wasn’t even sure who called Nisha. It proves that one call can decide the entire case. Adnan claims that this one butt-dial call should not ensure a conviction. Nisha stated she didn’t have a voicemail and she tried to recall. Whoever had Adnan's phone could've pocket-dialed Nisha and have left a two-minute voicemail. Adnan calls log on the day when Hae disappeared determines that Adnan was with Jay and his call to Nisha was intentional. In the trail, Nisha testifies that she spoke to both Adnan and Jay. Adnan stated that Jay had his car and phone during that time. If Nisha testified that she spoke to both, then Adnan might be lying. Nisha’s call was the most substantial evidence in Adnan case which might ensure Adnan guilty or …show more content…

The prosecutor introduced Adnan Syed by saying, “The defendant is of Pakistani background, he is a Muslim.” The prosecution tried to encourage the jurors to consider Adnan’s religion and ethnicity which is Pakistani although Adnan was born in America. The persecutor was trying to say that it was Adnan’s religious belief which motivated him to kill Hae. The prosecution stated that Adnan murdered Hae because his honor was besmirched which was supported by prosecutor’s reference to cultural stereotypes about Muslims. However, according to the podcast and other resources, there was not any factual evidence which stated that Adnan murdered Hae because of his religion or ethnicity other than Adnan’s parents did not approve his relationship with Hae. The prosecution asserted that Adnan was not a good Muslim because Adnan and Jay would do illegal actions together such as smoking and drinking which wasn't permitted in his religion. Adnan claims that only his some illicit activities with Jay do not make him a bad Muslim and his religion and ethnicity should not ensure a conviction. However, Islamic Society of Baltimore Muslims had a different point of view about Adnan. Some people agree to that Adnan was a good boy and some people accused him of stealing money from the mosque. Some people said, they saw Adnan stealing money from the mosque charity box. Adnan also agreed that he used to steal money

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