Why Adnan Syed Is Not Quilty

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Adnan Syed was a 17 year old high school student at Woodlawn High School that was convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee on January 13th, 1999. Adnan is still in prison today. There is one question that has been in many peoples heads that have listened to the podcast “Serial.” Did Adnan Syed really kill Hae, or was he wrongfully convicted. Through the whole case, Adnan’s friend Jay, has testified over and over again that Adnan did kill Hae, and Adnan has testified that he did not kill her. But somewhere along the line, someone has been making up lies and I believe that that someone is Jay. I believe that Adnan is not guilty and here are some reasons why. The first reason that I believe that Adnan is not guilty is because he is …show more content…

Jay’s story has so many inconsistencies and it just doesn’t match up with the timeline. For example, the state says that Hae died 21 minutes after school got out. Based on Jay’s story and order of events of how Adnan killed Hae, you would have to do everything perfect without any mistakes. Something that I feel I should add is that Woodlawn High School is a pretty big school with around 1,500 students. That means the parking lot right after school would take a long time to get out of after school. Adnan tells Sarah Koenig in the podcast that some days it would take up to 10 minutes just to get out of the parking lot. When Sarah Koenig tested Jay’s story starting at the school to the Best Buy parking lot. When she was finished, it was just after the 21 minute limit. Yes, Jay’s story seemed ridiculous but it’s not impossible to accomplish. Jay’s story has many more inconsistencies. In Episode 4 from the Podcast, it describes many inconsistencies from Jay’s story. One of them is that the police did not know where Hae’s car was and Jay led them to the exact location of the car. Jay has also changed his story on different occasions that have changed his story dramatically and in some cases, it has hurt his case. In his first interview he says he didn’t help Adnan bury the body, but in his second interview he did help. He also lied about many other components in his story such as where he saw

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